Primary Products

Fully Integrated Operation

From upstream smelting activities to downstream extruding operations, Press Metal is a fully integrated producer of aluminium products. With three smelting plants in Malaysia alone, we have an annual capacity of 760,000 tonnes of primary aluminium production. Our PMB-branded aluminium ingots produced by our Samalaju smelter are listed on the London Metal Exchange as a high-grade primary aluminium product.

International Markets

All our primary products are marketed to Malaysia, South East Asia, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Extrusion Products

Wide Range of Extrusions & Finishes

With up-to-date facilities and technical knowhow, the Press Metal Group has established itself as a major provider of a wide range of aluminium extrusions in a variety of finishes. They are widely used in fabricated products like windows, doors, curtain wall cladding for high-rise buildings and apartments, louvres, balustrades, pool fencing, solar panel frames, wardrobes, ladders and many others.